Improve Your Health with Bicycle

Cycling is widely regarded as a very efficient and effective mode of transportation, optimal for short distances. Also it is one of the best ways we can enhance our mental, physical, and overall health. Riding a bike few times a week for just 30 minutes helps to build muscle strength, as well as improve your heart and lung functioning. Also it helps you to experience the nature that surounds you. Here are some of the benefitions of cycling.

• Weight loss: Cycling help burn calories and fat, it also helps build muscle, too. More muscle leads to an increased resting metabolic rate, which will give you more energy to shed the pounds. Plus, improved muscle function will give your body that all over toned look, on top of making you physically stronger. If you’re the type of athlete who likes to race, this is a very good thing.

• Boost immune health: Going for a spin positively activates immune cells, which helps you to fight off infection. This equals less sick days, which means more time for adventures.

• Heal your heart: Cycling is known to reduce the risk of heart disease by up to 50 percent. Kick up your next ride to keep the blood pumping to your healthy heart.

• Stress relief: It is known that exercise reduces stress levels, and cycling is no exception. Go for a quick ride, or start using your bike to commute to work and experience the perks of exercise-induced endorphins.

• Preserve your youth: Put your helmet on, get on your bike, and reap the benefits of feeling like a kid again. Cycling regularly can help reduce the signs of aging by increasing the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to skin cells – all while flushing out the harmful toxins in your system and improving collagen production for a younger looking appearance.

• Sleep soundly: Even when you’re feeling too tired to ride, saddling up could be just the fix you need. Incorporating cycling into your daily routine supports a healthier sleep pattern than those who pass on regular physical activity. Cycling also helps rid your body of the stress hormone cortisol, which can prevent us from reaching a deep, regenerative sleep.

• Pedal for brain power: Studies show that hopping on your bike aids in building new brain cells in the hippocampus—the area of the brain that functions as a memory gateway. The hippocampus begins to deteriorate as early as age 30, so start pedaling to improve memory function and prevent brain debilitating diseases.

• Healthy bowel movements: Increased physical activity contributes to a highly functioning digestive system which can help regulate your bowel movements and reduce feelings of bloating.

• Go the distance: Cycling is an activity you can do well into your elder years. As you age, weight-lifting and running can become too taxing on your joints, but cycling can help you stay active at any age without burning out.