Melon- Powerful Summer Fruit

Melon belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. It has round shape with pale green skin and flesh. Melon contains a high amount of water similar with watermelon. Melon is very suitable to eat in scorching heat of sun. Melon is the best fruit to removing your lack of body fluid known as dehydration. The benefits of melon are abundant especially for our health. The healthy compound inside a melon is recently discovered for curing cancer and heart attack. That is one of the phenomenal examples of melon’s healthy benefits. Are you one of the melon’s fans? If yes, well congratulations! Behind the fresh and tasty melon lies a numerous healthy benefits inside it.

Anti- cancer

Just like the other fresh fruits. Melon can also prevents you from getting cancer from its carotenoid content. Carotenoid is a natural pigment inside fruits and vegetables. The high content of carotenoid inside this fruit can protect you from cancers like lungs and breast cancer.

Prevent heart attackt

The adenosine content inside a melon is not only preventing you from getting cancer but also prevent the blood sediment lead to heart attack and stroke. Adenosine can help you to smothering the blood cells so it will minimize the risk of getting stroke or heart attack.

Healthy eye

Melon is enriched with beta-carotene which is useful to increase the vision and keeping the healthiness of your eyes. Beta-carotene will be turned into vitamin A and it will be used by our body to repairing the eye function especially in a low light situation.

Prevent impotent

According from the several researches in England, melon contains amino acid called citrulline which can produce arginine. Arginine is useful for smoothering the blood stream heading to the sexual organ. Arginine works as stimulator which can smothering the blood vessels so you can avoided from the erection dysfunction known as impotent.

Prevent diabetes

Diabetes is occurred from over consuming fat and sweet foods. Diabetes is a genetic disease. Although diabetes is widely known as genetic disease, but it doesn’t mean you are not vulnerable from this disease. The sugar and water content inside this fruit can help you to balancing the hazardous content of foods that you eat. Melon is also high in calories which can make you full and free from hunger.

Smoothing your digestion system

Melon is not only about abundant amount of vitamins but also rich in water and fibers. Water and fibers is the reason why this fruit is the number one choice of dessert. Melon can also help you to smoother your digestion system. So, for those who have digestion problem such as diarrhea and constipation, this is good news for you. You can eat this fruit or you can also make it as a fresh homemade juice.


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