Plum Juice During Pregnancy Is Good Choice

Plums are small red fruits with a single seed at the centre. Plums are rich in vitamins and nutrients, making it particularly useful for pregnant women. They contain many dietary fibres and various other nutrients necessary for the proper development of the growing foetus. As such, plums should form an essential part of a pregnant woman’s diet. But, care must be taken while consuming plum juice in pregnancy. There are different types of plums available in the market today and some varieties have high sugar content in them, which is not good for a pregnant woman.

Vitamins in plum – Plum juice benefits can be realised when we see the number of vitamins contained in it. It contains vitamins A, C and K. Vitamin A is essential for eyesight and cell division, C for immunity and K for preventing blood clot

Promotes immunity – Plum juice in pregnancy promotes immunity of both the mother and the growing baby. It contains vitamin C and iron, both of which are essential to increase the immunity of the body.

Relief from constipation – Many people recommend plum juice in pregnancy as a relief from constipation. During pregnancy, most women experience constipation due to the baby pressing against the small intestines.

Healthy bones – Plum juice in pregnancy is very good in promoting the healthy development of bones in the baby because of the calcium content in it. It is also beneficial to the mother since her body loses a lot of calcium during pregnancy.

Folic acid – Folic acid is a very essential nutrient for pregnant women. Folic acid promotes the proper development of the brain, spinal cord and the nervous system. Plum juice in pregnancy can provide the required amount of folic acid.

Detoxification – Plum juice in pregnancy helps in detoxifying the body by removing any toxins that find its way into the mother’s body. Flushing the toxins out of your body is very important, especially if you are pregnant.


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