Powerful Health Benefits Of Parsley

This underappreciated herb is the very common Parsley. It is a leafy herb that is easily available round the year in almost all the regions. This culinary herb is one of the best disease fighters. Parsley is also referred as ‘Ajmood’ / ‘Ajmooda Ka Patta’ in Hindi, ‘Kothimeera Jati’ in Telugu, ‘Kothamalu Illai’ in Tamil, ‘Seema Malli’ in Malayalam, ‘Achu-Mooda’ in Kannada, ‘Ajmo’ in Gujarati, and ‘Ajmoda’ in Marathi. This has many medicinal properties so it can be directly used as a medicine as well.

Antibacterial And Antifungal Properties

The volatile oils, eugenol particularly, present in parsley provides antibacterial and antifungal properties which are useful for treating acne, pimples, skin infection, and disinfecting pores. Parsley oil is easily available in the market. Never apply parsley oil directly to the face as it can burn the skin.

• Dilute parsley oil with carrier oil like olive or almond oil and then apply it to the face. Leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse off.
• A mixture of parsley, apple cider vinegar, and tea tree oil can also help keep your skin blemish-free.

Clear And Glowing Skin

Consuming parsley abundantly helps to balance excess sebum secretion in oily skin. It further helps to clear the pores, which might otherwise lead to acne outbreaks. Zinc in parsley controls skin inflammation and promotes skin regeneration. It also reduces the redness and diminishes acne blemishes.

Improves Healing

Parsley contains beta-carotene, which is converted to Vitamin A for proper maintenance and repairing of skin. Thus eating parsley improves skin’s elasticity, which battles wrinkles and speeds up the wound healing process.

Reduces Wrinkles, Fine Lines And Scars

Since Vitamin C is not naturally present in the body, we need to consume it in sufficient amounts through food. The high amount of Vitamin C in parsley nourishes the skin from within to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. Consuming parsley stimulates the production of collagen in the skin and promotes cell reproduction and repair. This leads to faster growth of new skin which results in blemish-free, even and smooth skin.

Healthy Skin

Parsley contains minerals like calcium, potassium, manganese, copper and zinc which are essential for maintaining healthy skin. Extract the juice from the leaves and mix it with 200 ml of water. Drink this concoction daily to get healthy skin.

Prevents Acne And Zits

Ladies with combination and oily skin tones can prepare this homemade toner to prevent zits and pimples.

• Take some parsley in a bowl and mash it using a spoon or fork. Add two teaspoons of honey to it and mix it thoroughly till the honey turns green.

• Apply it on the face and wash it off after 10 minutes.

• Follow it up with a moisturizer of your choice.

Both honey and parsley contain antibacterial properties which treat pimples and keep the skin smooth and nourished. Use fresh parsley leaves instead of dried parsley for preparing this pack.

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